Issyk-Kul Lake

Issyk-Kul Lake is a picturesque place, in the vicinity of which you can see magnificent natural landscapes. One of them is the Jeti-Oguz gorge (“Rocks of Seven Bulls”), located 30 km west of the city of Karakol on the northern slopes of the Terskey Ala-Too ridge. This is one of the most beautiful sights of Kyrgyzstan, a mountain valley formed by the Jeti-Oguz river, which flows into Lake Issyk-Kul. Dzhety-Oguz Gorge. This vacationer regularly comes here to enjoy magnificent views and improve their health in the Dzhety-Oguz resort area, which was created on the basis of a hot spring.

There was once a settlement where the headquarters of the Usun ruler was located.

Jets-Oguz is a ridge of red rocks covered with forest thickets. The length of the cliffs is 37 kilometers, and the landscape of the gorge was formed thanks to the river of the same name. Huge dark green forests, spread over the mountain slopes of red sandstone, create an amazing color contrast. Forests on both sides of the gorge stretch for almost 25 km, and before forming into forests, Tien Shan spruces are found here in small picturesque groups. Above the forest zone (about 3000 m), in the valley, about 15 km wide, there are magnificent subalpine and alpine meadows — jailoo.

And in the spring and summer months in the Dzhety-Oguz gorge, a real flower festival begins, among which silver stars of edelweiss, alpine daisies and asters, elecampane (golden root) stand out.

In the upper reaches of small rivers there are mountain lakes and waterfalls, picturesque gorges. And in the very top of the valley there is a high wall, in the middle of which rises the beautiful double peak of Oguz-Bashy (in translation — “the head of the Bull”) 5170 m high. On the watershed with the Karakol gorge, Zhukov’s pointed peak (4250 m) rises.

The left side of the Dzhety-Oguz gorge is formed by the Kok-Debe peak (2700 m), located directly near the Dzhety-Oguz resort, the peaks of Podkova (3500 m) and Druzhba Narodov (3800 m). Through depressions between the peaks of Kok-Bel (2600 m) and Asan-Tukum (3600 m) on the same side of the gorge, you can go down to the neighboring gorge Chon-Kyzyl-Suu. Dzhety-Oguz gorge. On the right side of the Dzhety-Oguz gorge, there is the Kashka-Suu pass, which is located above the resort, and through which you can make an exciting trip to the Karakol recreation area.